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Have you heard about Piano Band? For the first time, BMA is offering group lessons to students age five and older! Check out the different groups and times on our Group Lessons page!

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Music is FUN!

With the right teacher, learning to play an instrument is just plain FUN! Sure, it's good for you emotionally, mentally, and physically, but on top of all that, it just rocks. Whatever your favorite style of music is to listen to, it's fun and rewarding to be able to play your favorite songs, whether by yourself or in a group with others who enjoy playing music as much as you do.

Thanks to emerging technology, this is also just a fun time to be a music student! Even a complete newbie can play along to pre-recorded music and enjoy being a part of something that sounds great! And interactive media provide teaching tools that weren't available just a few years ago, with new capabilities being added all the time.

At every age, playing music is an enriching and enjoyable experience. It's just fun! Drop by BMA when you're in the neighborhood, or use the Quick Contact form below to set up an appointment, and come in and let us help you get started!

Music is SOCIAL!

Learning to play a musical instrument used to be a pretty lonely ordeal. True, for those that want to become virtuoso performers, there is no substitue for one-on-one teaching and coaching. But for those of us that just love to play music and listen to it--experience it--playing in classes and ensembles is the way to go. Whether you play in a piano ensemble, a rock band, a worship team, or a BMA Keyboard Orchestra, playing in a group adds a whole 'nother dimension to the enjoyment of playing music.

Parents of students take note: Classes and ensembles provide a platform for children to learn the teamwork, leadership, and followership skills that are normally attributed to team sports and school projects. That's a bonus, though, on top of the mental training and physical coordination that playing a solo instrument already provides.

Check out our Lessons Available page to find out what classes are available for your age and ability level.

Music makes you SMARTER!

The experience of playing a musical instrument marshals all the significant resources of the brain, including the auditory and visual cortex, the motor cortex, and the pre-frontal cortex and all of the cognitive functions of the brain, as well as the deeper areas devoted to processing emotions and memory. Published studies indicate that learning to play a musical instrument enhances mental development in the young and slows down mental decline in the old.

Learning an instrument or two at an early age is an investment of time and resources that pays dividends over an entire lifetime of good times and good memories. It's never too late to start, though--in fact, learning new skills helps keep us sharp as we get older! If you've never played an instrument before, now is the time to start! If you already play, consider adding a new instrument to your skill set to diversify your musical knowledge and keep your memory sharp.

If you're the parent or grandparent of a student, just know that there is nothing that will enrich your child's or grandchild's life more over the long run than a solid music education. If you have any doubts, check out our Resources page for books and videos that will give you more information.


  • There is never a dull moment. Learning to play piano has been fun!
    – Anna L.
    12 yr old student
  • I would recommend Cheryl for anything that has to do with playing the piano.
    – Karen H.
  • Miss Cheryl has the rare combination of being not only an extremely accomplished musician but also an extremely talented and intuitive teacher. Her sensitive, patient, and flexible style is very encouraging, but she still manages to enforce form and the other fundamentals. I don't know how she does it! Miss Cheryl is fantastic!
    – Laura H.
    parent of student
  • Great place to take lessons, friendly staff plus a music/computer lab for use with the private lessons!
    – A google user
    google reviews
  • Only 13 minutes left in my lesson? Oh, please let them go slow!
    – Adrian F.
    10 yr old student of Martha Thompson

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